Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

Don't be fooled by poor quality knock-offs. Get the Classic version of the original Ghost Radar® from the orignal creator, Spud Pickles.

4.5 stars on iTunes Appstore

Ghost Radar®: CLASSICiTunes Appstore4.5

Ghost Radar attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors on the device on which it is running.

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Ghost Radar® is the original portable application designed to detect paranormal activity for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPads. Ghost Radar attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors on the device on which it is running. Like traditional paranormal detecting equipment, Ghost Radar has many sensors available to it on mobile devices. However, traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when simple mundane bursts of normal energy occur. Ghost Radar sets itself apart by analyzing the readings from sensors giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made.

Ghost Radar: Classic is the original. Don’t go for knock-offs and copycats, this is the original and best free ghost detection app. If you want the latest versions make sure to check out Ghost Radar: Legacy, and Ghost Radar: Connect.

Ghost Radar the original classic


Ghost Radar® also includes a voice to let you know when interesting words have been detected. Note that since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.

Ghost Radar the original and best


Use your Ghost Radar to hunt for odd changes in the flux. Hunters of all types may find anomalous areas of their environment where readings simply can’t be explained. You be the judge. Are the results of your hunting evidence of paranormal activity?

Also Available for Windows, Kindle Fire, Nook, & BlackBerry

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I was using this at night, when a red dot appears in my brother’s room. When it said frighten, I said you bet.


I used it last nite I asked who’s here and it said Joan that’s my Grammy so yeah it’s real and I love this app!


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