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  1. The 3 corner readings represent the raw data for the three different readings Ghost Radar is making. The top number is normally constantly changing. This is the raw number that is being tracked. By itself it doesn’t mean much. The bottom number represents how quickly the top number is changing. The second from bottom represents the fastest change the top number has made. Finally the 2nd from the top represents a sum of the changes for that reading. Basically none of the three corners represent a specific sensor. All sensors are measured for patterns and combined in a proprietary fashion then distilled down to the info in the three corners.
  2. Ghost Radar attempts to translate the sensor readings into a spoken word. Ideally the entities you are trying to interact with can manipulate the sensors and have Ghost Radar speak their words. The spoken word is displayed in this section.
  3. The colors of the blips are an indication of signal strength. Red indicates the signal is strongest. Yellow is a little weaker signal than red. Green is a little weaker signal than yellow. Finally blue indicates a very weak signal.
  4. This section of letters is for intelligent entities to try to communicate with by influencing the readings to select letters. Dashes “-” indicate no activity. Dots “.” indicate activity is very strong.
Ghost Radar: Classic - Illustrated


Is Ghost Radar real?
We believe the application is as effective as an EMF detector or a KII. The theory of what is happening is that intelligent energy can be made aware of their ability to influence the sensors of the device. You must decide for yourself if the readings are indicative of actual paranormal activity. Keep a log of strange readings, or video tape your hunting. Allow the corroborating evidence to influence your view of Ghost Radar’s authenticity. Drop us a line, and let us know what you find with Ghost Radar. Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.
How does Ghost Radar work?
The majority of equipment used to hunt for paranormal activity was not originally designed to hunt ghosts and do not find the majority of their use in the paranormal. For example EMF detectors and KII meters were designed for electrical work and are used predominantly in that field, not the paranormal. Also, IR cameras were originally developed for military use. These days IR cameras are mostly used by firefighters, astronomers, police, etc. Even though these devices were not originally designed for the field of paranormal they do seem to be the most effective tools in the hunt for the unknown. Ghost Radar® enables ordinary computers and mobile devices to be used for the paranormal even though these devices were not originally designed for the paranormal, just like the EMF detector, KII meter, and IR cameras. The readings that Ghost Radar® presents are open to your interpretation and up for debate.

Ghost Radar® does not employ the readings from sensors like traditional paranormal equipment. It does not detect EMF nor does it detect EVPs. The app provides a set of parameters for paranormal energies to manipulate which are then processed and presented as graphical, textual, and audible readouts. Like other Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) techniques, Ghost Radar® takes raw readings and tries to make sense of subtle changes.

It’s believed that paranormal energies have the ability to influence electrical equipment. This idea comes from the concept that matter, life, souls, and light are fundamentally an electrical phenomenon. As a result the app uses streams of data from processing units and memory locations as the raw mechanism for paranormal energies to manipulate. The readings come in constantly and have only very minor changes. Ghost Radar® tracks these readings and analyzes them; watching for strange behavior. Based on a multitude of different readings and historical trends Ghost Radar® uses its proprietary algorithm to present various visual and audible representations of the readings.

It has been suggested that paranormal energies manifest themselves through the Quantum Flux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_fluctuation) or are an aspect of Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Regardless of the medium through which the energies manipulate electric devices the resulting manipulated readings seem to indicate intelligence on occasion. There are plenty of ways for paranormal energies to interact with computers and mobile devices, the trick is to interpret the readings and present them in a way to help track the paranormal activity. Contrary to some claims, Ghost Radar® does not browse contact lists, listen to conversations through the microphone, nor are the responses preprogramed or simply random.

What do the colors mean?
On the Radar view the colors of the blips are an indication of signal strength. Red indicates the signal is strongest. Yellow is a little weaker signal than red. Green is a little weaker signal than yellow. Finally blue indicates a very weak signal.

On the Spoken Words list the colors of the words are an indication of when they were spoken relative the when the application was launched. Words spoken very early after the launch appear bright red. As the radar warms up the red fades. After many minutes the words will be gray. Eventually, after the application has warmed up, the words will be black.

What is the range between rings on the radar?
We have been unable to determine the exact range of the radar. It seems capable of detecting signals up to 50 yards. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the signals are coming from all 3 dimensions. So if you’re in a building with floors above or below you that means you might be seeing signals from those other floors. Unfortunately the two dimensional radar does not convey the 3rd dimension’s info in a very intuitive way.
Why dont the blips move when I rotate the device?
The blips represent an instance of where a signal was last detected. The time that the blip stays in that location on the radar is controlled by a combination of the settings. If you wish to track signals as quickly as possible and potentially watch blips move as you rotate the device you can use the High setting. Keep in mind that your adjusted settings may lead to false readings of the noise in your environment.
Why do the readings go crazy when I start it?
When the radar first starts it will be very sensitive to the noise in your environment perhaps giving false readings. After several minutes of self adjustment the radar will learn how to filter out the noise. The longer the radar is allowed to run the more sensitive it becomes to anomalous readings.