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How to Use iSession

Entering a Session
Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy. Simply navigate to the time you wish the session to start and enter the Session Detail screen. Here you can adjust the beginning and ending time of the session.

Select a client from your address book or enter a title for the session. If there are notes you would like to associate with this session simply tap the Notes field.

If this is an appointment you would like to repeat tap on the Repeat field and enter the Repeat Session sub-screen to specify how to repeat the session. Drag the slider to the right to increase the number of times to repeat the session. You can repeat the session every hour, day, week, two weeks, or four weeks. Tap the Session Detail button at the top to return to the previous screen.

Once you have the session details just the way you want them tap the Save button at the top. Enter a quick simple session in seconds by just selecting a client and tapping save. Or take your time and fill in the detail of the session.

Adjustable Session Length
Your sessions aren’t set at just one hour? You want to schedule a 30 minute session? You want to block out the whole day for a conference? Or schedule an hour and 45 minutes for an audit? No problem, iSession provides a quick simple interface for adjusting the length of sessions.

In the Session Detail screen drag the slider next to the word Beginning to change the time the session starts. Drag the Ending slider to adjust the time the session ends. Don’t worry about scheduling over an upcoming appointment, iSession will only schedule time you have available.

Viewing Your Schedule
There are easily accessed views into your schedule. Get a glimpse of your week, or a detailed view of your day. See how busy you have been each week of the year.

The colors of the little dots on the “Week View” represent how much a particular hour is filled. If a dot is gray/empty it means that hour of the day is empty, no appointments. If the dot is green then less than a third of the hour is filled. If the dot is yellow than more than a third but less than two thirds of the hour is filled. If the dot is red than more than two thirds of the hour is scheduled. A black dot means the hour is filled.

Search For Session Information
Search your schedule for specific clients, keywords, or by date range. Track attendance, co-payments, and insurance payments. You can also view various lists of clients that require follow up information.
Customize iSession
Configure the hours you work through the Settings application on your iPhone or iPod touch.