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We build world-class apps for all kinds of mobile devices.

Spud Pickles builds great apps for you mobile device. Our apps are unique and trail blazing.
We support our apps on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and more.

Dare you Explore America’s Most Haunted Trails?

Everyone likes a good ghost story, and it’s always fun to frighten yourself and your friends in the safety and comfort of your own home, or even to use the latest radar app to try some ghost hunting in your local area. But how many people would be prepared to actually…

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What We Do At Spud Pickles

We created the incredible Ghost Radar® series, and continue to create awesome new apps. Some we give away for free, while others we charge anywhere from a dollar to a couple bucks. Our apps are of the highest quality and consistently get great rating and reviews from users. Click the app icons above to get more information on our apps.

You can hire Spud Pickles’ amazing talent, skill, and experience in mobile app development to make your dream for a mobile app into a reality. When you hire us we become your creative partner, making sure your app is the best it can be. We work with you from concept to submission to the appstore. We can even support and maintaining the app in the long term.

Featured App

Ghost Radar: Connect is the latest in the highly popular Ghost Radar series. It adds abilities to record more than ever before, as well as social share, turn the flashlight on and off, and much more. Visit the Ghost Radar: Connect app page now, or see all our apps.

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